Tap Champions of Su Mon Smash

We are very pleased to announce the release of Tap Champions of Su Mon Smash.


Tap your way to victory! Explore Su Mon Smash fighting arenas filled with genetically engineered kaiju monsters called Aniforms. Tap to smash your opponents. Tap to activate special abilities. Tap to earn credits. Tap to evolve your aniform. Tap to unlock genetic modifications so you keep earning even when you aren’t tapping. Defeat mighty Champions!

Key features:
• 100 stunning 3D animated characters to fight and collect
• Tap to smash your way through 6 unique arenas
• Level up each aniform through 5 body enhancing evolutions
• Activate 6 devastating special abilities
• Level up 16 Genetic Modifications to unleash brutal automatic attacks, even when you are idle!
• Prestige to obtain new aniforms of 20 different types
• Use aniforms of higher rarity for additional bonus enhancements
• Earn Chips with each prestige to unlock game altering Hacks

Is Tap Champions of Su Mon Smash an idle RPG or a frenetic tapping game? You decide!
Available in the iTunes App store and the Google Play store.